DrishtiBution, our initiative fusing DRISHTI- meaning "sight" in Hindi and -BUTION indicating distribution.

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Nearly everyone on the planet will experience an eye health issue in their lifetime, however, more than a billion people worldwide do not have access to the services they need to see clearly.

The good news is that this is a global issue that is within our grasp to solve.

While we work behind the scenes to ensure a world where access to good quality eye health services are readily available, preventable sight loss is prioritised, and where barriers that prevent the full participation of people with permanent visual impairment are removed, we call on YOU to be aware of our own eye health and if you can, to #LoveYourEyes.

We understand that a healthy vision is the responsibility of each and every one of us, and when we create a groundswell of demand for eye care services and treatments that has a ripple effect that reaches our leaders and decision-makers.

So, this World Sight Day, #LoveYourEyes and join the millions of others globally who will be doing the same.

About World Sight Day

World Sight Day is happening on 13 October 2022, and we look forward to sharing our organisations plans with you soon. This is the second year we will be calling on our networks to #LoveYourEyes – to be aware of their own eye health and if able, get a sight test. The success of last year’s campaign was unparalleled and showed the true power of what can be achieved when the eye care sector comes together.


As individuals, there are lots of opportunities for you to get behind the campaign. We encourage you to visit www.iapb.org/WSD2022 and pledge to have your eyes tested, enter the photo competition or visit the social media toolkit to share some important messages with your networks.

270 Million Indians have visual impairments. 

Life is beautiful.

Life with eye disease is not.

Sponsor life-changing eye surgery for less than your spend on gym fees or coffee each month. 


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